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Sorry it’s been a while, my friends. Had a bit of a rough one last week, with the new classes and the fractured heart and the runs.

But it’s all good.

The sun is still oppresively shining and the birds are still chirping in a nature reserve 20 minutes away from my hotel.

America, I miss you bro. I know you’re having a tough time with the subprime and the credit cards and the transfatty foods and Obama’s running mate and Mike Meyers in a crazy wig and floods and the fires and the oil and the ogggggggle.  I’m with you, I miss you.

I remember your last birthday. I drank forties and watched this go down:

 Thanks for the memories Boston. So epic, Eric.

Happy belated birthday, bro! Hope you let your hair down. Had a few brews. Fired up the barby. Kicked it.  I know how you do.

In Aden, our nation’s birthday fell on Firday, or Islam’s Sunday, so my employers gave us Saturday, America’s Monday, off for observence. I proceeded to kick it quite hard. There weren’t many fireworks or anything like that, but I did manage to grab a few brews with a brah from Georgia. More on the bar later…

My good friend and former student Mohammad Saad emailed me note that I found quite touching, so I’m forwarding it onto you, America.

how are you?
i hope to usa life happy every year
 and american people.
((( 4th july))).

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