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layla fii sanaa

Here is the last set of Sana’a pictures, taken at dusk and night.


had to come correctly vain for the ender.





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sanaa 3

 Here are some tall pics and some comments. Most of these were taken in the narrow streets of the old city.










 This is bab al-Yemen, or the Gate of Yemen. It’s really old, maybe 1000 years old or so. The State Department thinks this area is dangerous. It seemed fine to me.

It’s the official entrence to Sana’a’s old city. Beyond the gate is the souq, which looks like this. 



These guys are crazy. They drive motorcycles through the extremely crowded and often narrow streets of the souq, dodging the people and stopping within an inch of pedestrians.


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sanaa 2

The hotel Arabian Felix.



Right beyond the Gate of Yemen, in the main souq.





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sana’a 1



 Still on that first weekish steez. Weird Twilight Zonish buzz, bros.

Last weekend, or two weekends ago, I had a three day weekend. So I took a bus to Sana’a, from Aden. The trip was less than 200 miles, but took eight hours because the drive was almost entirely up and around these crazy mountains. Plus, the driver made about six stops, more than half of which were for qat.

I eventually got there and found a beautiful hotel in the middle of Sana’a’s old city (Sana’a Qadima).

I walked around for most of the time, except for a brief visit to ‘Tourist City’ in search of a cold one, about six thousand miles from the closest PBR. 

Within three hours of arriving in Sana’a, I was almost struck by two motorcyclists, hit by three cars, and I was riding shotgun in a minibus that ran a red light and was two feet from being broadsided by a Land Cruiser. The traffic there is crazy.

Here is the first set of the photos I took.









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